Why Choose Dansko Foods For Ingredient Solutions?

Dairy ingredients are the key to many successful recipes, and businesses across the world rely on Dansko to provide the quality and taste they need. Whether you are making ice cream or pizzas, our ingredient solutions will ensure that your food stands out from the rest.

Cheese and Butter From Dansko

Here at Dansko, our priority is to supply ingredient solutions, including superior Irish cheese and butter, to businesses worldwide. We supply into foodservice, retail, industrial, bakery and confectionery sectors internationally.

We offer the following ingredient solutions:

Salted and unsalted butter, Anhydrous Milk Fats, Whey butter, Butteroil and Cream, available in both bulk and value added formats. All of our butter is suitable for processing, prepackaging and industrial baking applications.

Ingredient solutions cheese

White and coloured cheddar, as curd, mild, medium, mature, extra mature or low fat, as well as white or coloured cheddar offcuts. Our cheese is suitable for shredding, slicing, crumbing, prepackaging and processing.

A range of continental cheeses, including Emmental, Gouda and Hard Italian style cheese, for shredding, crumbing and processing.

Enjoy Dansko Quality

For quality ingredient solutions and customer service that is second to none, you can trust Dansko to deliver. Here at Dansko, we supply the very best quality produce and we are a certified Origin Green member with over 30 years experience of supplying into many different industries.

Talk to us to find the best solutions for your needs, and we know you’ll be delighted with our products. Contact us to find out more about working with Dansko today.