Dansko With Origin Green

The key to future food production and consumption on a global scale is sustainability, and Dansko is proud to be an Origin Green member. Origin Green is an exciting and inspirational initiative that we are proud to be partnered with, and we believe that the decisions we make today will set us up for a productive and sustainable future.

Origin Green is Ireland’s food and drink sustainability programme, and it unites many aspects of our food industry, from farmers and producers to food and beverage retailers in the shared goal of sustainable food production. Origin Green is designed to enable Ireland’s food industry to create measurable targets that prioritise the environment and serve local communities, and to constantly reassess and improve upon these targets.

A Sustainable Future With Origin Green

Many businesses across Ireland are coming on board with the agenda, which can only be good for our planet, and here at Dansko, we’re proud to be among the first. Just 45 dairy companies out of 619 companies are verified members of Origin Green, and we are delighted to be working in conjunction with other businesses towards a more sustainable future for all.

Here at Dansko, we are committed to sustainability across our product range and within our company, and we have made a positive impact on our local environment in Kilmallock by planting shrubbery around our building and creating a design to add a water source as well. We have sponsored signage and information placards along the new town walk that promote interest in the local flora and fauna as well as the medieval buildings, and we work closely with local charities, promoting social sustainability by sponsoring events in the local area as well as individual projects.

Information Signage sponsored by Dansko Foods in Kilmallock

Community Matters At Dansko

We believe that we have a responsibility to our local community, and as a leading sustainable  business in Ireland, we are committed to being responsible with our local environment. Dansko’s Economic Sustainability agenda is centred on our mission statement:

“To be of benefit to all our stakeholders – our customers, our suppliers, our staff, our community and our family, [and to] achieve operational excellence and disciplined cost management.”

We recognise the need to be economically sustainable, and we also strive to ensure that our business practices and operations do not create social or environmental issues that would harm the long-term success of the company. We have engaged many economically sustainable practices following Lean Manufacturing principles, such as fitting out our factory with energy efficient light bulbs. We recognise that our success depends upon the way in which we treat our staff, our community and our local environment, and we operate with our long term goals of sustainability in mind.

Top Quality Dairy Produce From Dansko

As an Irish, family-owned dairy company, established in 1986, Dansko specialises in both traded and value-added dairy products. We create only the finest quality products, and we are proud to deliver these to our global client base. We have supply contracts with all the major dairy suppliers in the UK, Europe and New Zealand, and we have over 30 years experience of supplying into many different industries, including foodservice, retail, industrial, bakery and confectionery sectors worldwide. Our aim is to work in partnership with each unique client to create the product solutions they need, and we will be happy to talk with you to see how we can help.