A Guide To Buying Irish Butter

Irish butter is a great quality, delicious tasting butter that is renowned across the world for it’s flavour and distinctive yellow hue, and we have seen record export levels in the last two years. Our Irish butter comes from pasture fed, hormone free Irish cows, grazed on the rich grasses of our stunning countryside, and this makes it a very special product that our customers love.

Irish butter is superior in quality and taste to American butter, which has a lower level of butterfat and contains more water. European butter is sure to contain at least 82% butterfat, having been churned for longer, and Irish butter in particular stands out from other European butters thanks to the climate and the quality of the grass on our beautiful Emerald Isle. Irish butter has been a popular choice for more than 200 years, and there’s nothing better for making the best pastry and baked goods.

Choosing The Dairy Solutions You Need

If you’re buying butter in bulk, it isn’t always easy to choose exactly what you need. Here at Dansko, we can help you to find the best solutions for every purpose, and you can rely on our produce, which is graded in advance, to provide the great taste and texture you need for all your product and ingredient requirements.

Irish butter is recognised as a healthier choice by consumers and manufacturers focusing on healthy fats, essential for a healthy mind and body, and is a key ingredient in savory and sweet dishes all over the world.

We supply a variety of butters and butter products, including:

Best Quality Irish Butter From Dansko

At Dansko, we pride ourselves on the quality of our dairy produce, and our Irish butter is a great choice.. We can help you to find the best options to meet your requirements, and we know you’ll taste the difference when you order from Dansko.

We are committed to delivering the best quality Irish dairy produce, and we are a certified Origin Green member. We have been supplying into many different industries, including foodservice, retail, industrial, bakery and confectionery sectors worldwide for more than 30 years, and we will be happy to help you find the solutions you need.